Distillery of the Val-de-Travers
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Welcome in the Distillery of Val de Travers
We are primarily an artisanal distillery after a rich past of our traditions. Our recipes come straight from the clandestine time, period we had to get out in spite of ourselves.
Our artisanal absinthes are produced as want the tradition, we offer several absinthes for taste and variety that will appeal to everyone.
Business hours


9h30 - 12h00
14h30 - 19h00


9h30 - 12h00
14h30 - 19h00


9h30 - 12h00
14h30 - 19h00


9h30 - 12h00
13h30 - 17h00

Open for reservations the rest of time

Absinthes from our production


Merchandising fountains - spoons - glassware - chocolates - gift boxes


Visits and tastings tour is proposed to interactive discover what is absinthe, how to make it, what plants are used and how to served it. 


Gentian sale


A point of sale for more than 40 absinthes from artisanal production by other former clandestine distillers from the Val-de-Travers.


We also propose the design individual recipes adapted to the tastes and desires of each with the possibility of distilling small quantities. We also offer a distillation, bulk sale to preserve the heritage of recipes that previously were distilled illegally.

We offer exclusively for the French part of Swiss, stills from homemade. We will gladly cater to all your needs.
Distillery of the Val-de-Travers